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The SmartDAX Blu-ray Archive incorporates innovative Blu-ray Disc (BD) technology, enabling file based archiving permanent storage media and maintaining direct access to the archived data. 

It features fully automated data archiving using an optimum combination of hard disk storage with Blu-ray technology (library). The end effect yields immediate and permanent access to any archived file.  It is the perfect solution for enterprise environments to automate the archiving process of large quantities of data.

A single SmartDAX Blu-ray Archive offers a capacity of up to 35 TB. There are two types of models available:

• (NAS) Network-attached models including a small, integrated server. Performance: up to 75 GB/day.

• (SAS) Direct-attached models. These models require an additional server and offer improved scaling when compared to the NAS model. Performance: up to 300 GB/day.

There is a variety of models available, which can be upgraded and daisy-chained. This offers high flexibility and unlimited scalability. Customers  are able to start with a small footprint and grow into larger systems if and when more capacity is required.

No. of slots





Blu-ray storage capacity





Number of drives

2 or 4 drive models available.

Media import/export

Mail slot

Included software

DAX file system software (DAXfs)

Data access time, cached data

< 1 sec

Media access time

< 7 sec

MSBF (mean swap between failure)

> 1,000,000 (mean swap between failure)

Supported media read



Supported media write

BD-R 25 GB / BD-R 50 GB

DVD-R 4.7 GB / DVD-R 8.5 GB

Client support

Windows (SMB), UNIX/Linux (NFS)

Dimensions (lxwxh)

25” x 25” x 35” / 64 x 64 x 88,5 cm (NAS version)
25” x 25” x 31”/ 64 x 64 x 78,5 cm (SAS version)

Weight (max)

268 lbs. / 122 kg (without media) (delivery without media)

Power requirements

100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, < 400 W

Temperature specifications

Operating: 50F to 95F  /+10°C to +35°C
Non-operating: 14F to 122F /-10°C to +50°C

Relative humidity

10 to 80% (non-condensing)


EMC directive – 89/336/EEG


Specifications available NAS model:

System expansion options

Two PCI Slots

File cache setup

Max. 4 disk RAID 0+1 (mir. stripe)

File cache capacity

Standard: 1000 GB gross (463 GB net, mirrored)
Expandable to: 2 TB gross (900 GB net, mirrored)


The SmartDAX Blu-ray Archive is controlled by DAX file system archiving software (DAXfs). DAXfs provides a simple and intuitive HSM based interface where users save, copy, archive and retrieve files through standard operations, hence no special user training is required.

DAX File and Folder Archive Software (FFA) is optional and provides a flexible platform for automating any digital archive requirement for archiving complete structures of files and folders. It offers more advanced features such as file spanning, adding metadata, low-res previews, versioning, automated back-up etc.

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