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DAX File & Folder Archive Tape Software (FFA) offers tape support for Back-up Software and provides a complete solution for disk-to-disk-to-tape archiving

Archiving on tape provides very cost-effective and easy archiving as it takes full advantage of the existing back-up infrastructure.  It can be carried out using the same tape/server hardware, which makes it interesting for both new and existing backup software users.

Recent data is retained on-line on hard disk for rapid access while at the same time this data is copied to low-cost tape for permanent access

FFA´s main functions are to archive data from network storage locations to a central network archive and restore archived data back to the network storage locations upon request.

It provides a bridge between the shared file storage used for all dynamic data and the actual archival storage on tape. It separates dynamic and fixed content by creating a central network archive.

A central network archive ensures permanent data availability of and cost-efficient storage and network management.


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