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The Medical Video Archive Solution provides an easy and cost effective  solution for archiving and retrieving all patient imaging data captured in the OR for cases where PACS storage is not possible or an alternative is desired.

It enables sharing of all data captured by the Smith and Nephews’ 660 HD Image Management System. Permanent archival storage takes place on DVD or Blu-ray discs that are either can kept in a jukebox or shelves for off-line archival.

The Medical Video Archive Solution offers immediate availability of surgical images and videos after the procedure. This enables fast and easy access to the patients data throughout  the hospital network.

Integration into the hospital’s network requires almost no efforts as users are able to log in to the system through a standard web browser facilitating also easy integration into the hospitals ERM system.

This results in an extremely cost-effective archiving solution which is infinitely scalable.

The application is completely web-based, providing on-line and remote viewing of patient data. Long surgeries are easily viewable as they are automatically segmented into smaller time pieces, identifiable by thumbnails.

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