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DAX Broadcast Archive transforms a static storage environment into an environment where users can efficiently share and manage their video files/clips, providing instant on-line previews of every video clip and sharing across the network.

DAX E-mail Archive provides unlimited email storage, while ensuring a fast and efficient email server. Users do not need to clean up their own email-boxes and archive their emails manually anymore as this is done automatically.  Users can also access the archive from their existing email environment like Outlook or Lotus Notes.

DAX Prepress Archive allows clients to extract large amounts of fixed (finished) content from the network server that  frees up storage capacity for dynamic data. Automated archiving saves time and doesn’t require any operator involvement.

DAX Medical Video Archive provides an easy and cost effective  solution for archiving and retrieving all patient imaging data captured in the OR. It offers immediate availability of surgical images and videos after the procedure. This enables fast and easy access to the patient’s data throughout the hospital network

DAX DICOM Archive is a fully scalable archive that can automatically capture information and images from any number of medical image sources including image modalities, displays and workstations.

DAX OMERO Storage Manager s a an innovative software tool for OMERO and Columbus Users, which enables easy and efficient visualization and storage management of OMERO/Columbus System Images. 

Above are just a few examples of the available Archive Solutions.  DAX File & Folder Archive software provides a flexible platform for automating any digital archive requirement. Moreover, DAX products are frequently applied in dedicated projects aiming at specific customer requirements.

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