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The difficulty of Digital Archiving is closely related to its data centric nature. It is unlike back-up which is essentially server centric and where one can simply make a copy of each and every file.

Digital Archiving means:
• identification of which files/folders need to be archived
• adding meta data related to the content
• assuring reliable and permanent storage
• enabling future search and retrieval 



DAX File & Folder Archive (FFA) Software provides a flexible platform for automating any digital archive requirement and environment. The FFA platform is explained in this << Introductory FFA demo>>
(length: 1 min., 32 sec.) 

FFA provides archiving services to the network. A simple and explanatory way to show this, is through the manual interface. Users can simply initiate archiving through FFA´s right click functionality.
<<FFA right-click archiving demo>>
(length: 1 min., 14 sec.) 

Back-ups can also be completed with FFA. This will also be demonstrated through the manual interface demo.
<<FFA right-click back-up demo >> 
(length: 1 min., 8 sec.) 

As different implementations pose different requirements on the metadata, system administrators simply can change the metadata fields to adapt the archiving system to their specific needs.
<<FFA metadata fields demo >>
(length: 49 sec.)



Broadcast Archive Demo

This demo shows the archive, purge and restore functions of clips within a network with the CatDV cataloguing tool.
<< Broadcast archive demo>>
(length: 2 min., 55 sec)



The basics of Digital Archiving and how to achieve numerous benefits by integrating the appropriate archiving technology into your network.
 <<Introductory archiving demo>>
(length: 4 min., 32 sec.) 

Customer Challenge

DAX Broadcast Archive provides Parelli Natural Horsemanship with a fully integrated video editing and archiving to LTO solution. Read more>>>

Integrate Archiving into Backup

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Find out how Mercurius wins 2008 Innovation Prize and saves at least 1FTE.

Automate Archiving

Customer Challenge

CHUM Hospital avoids time-consuming process of rewinding back-up tapes.

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