DAX Archiving Products - Overview

DAX File & Folder Archive (FFA) software provides a flexible platform for automating any digital archive requirement and environment. It offers automated archiving services to the network and its users. Its main functions are to archive data from network storage locations to a central network archive and restore archived data back to the network storage locations upon request.

DAX File & Folder Archive Tape Software  offers tape support for Back-up Software and provides a complete solution for disk-to-disk-to-tape archiving. It enables straightforward integration into existing back-up and/or collaborative workflow environment.

DAX file system software (DAXfs) enables intelligent and permanent archival storage by migrating data automatically to both an on-line hard disk archive and a near-line or off-line permanent optical archive (Blu-ray Disc/DVD).

The DAX On-Line Archive transforms your endlessly increasing storage into a dynamic but permanent archive which can grow without restrictions. It provides an immediately accessible
on-line archive on hard disk and a highly automated off-line archive on Blu-ray Disc (BD)/DVD.

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