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Archive systems are another tier of storage and can be set up as separate and independent new subsystems within your network, where data is constantly flowing back and forth. 

DAX Archive Solutions will not interfere with your company’s primary systems thus allowing you to review all your requirements while evaluating the archive software/hardware in your own environment. 

Moreover, it will also enable you to demonstrate the solution and benefits to all others involved in the archiving and/or decision process.

Key features archive evaluation process:
• Minimum effort required to set up an evaluation in your own environment.
• Increased awareness of all the (hidden) features and benefits of archiving.
• Set up real-life test environment before purchasing.

Contact us for more information so that we can  discuss your requirements and provide you with preliminary answers to your questions. 

The second step would be a phone conference with one of our consultants addressing your specific requirements and concerns in detail in order to suggest the most economic solution that will generate the fastest ROI. A web demo of one of our solutions can be a part of that. 

A usual next step is that we set up an evaluation or software trail on a test system in your own environment. This will provide you with a set up in your own company, enabling you to test and show the system completely in your own organization.  Our experts can assist you remotely with setting up the system in the optimum manner.

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