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HAARLEM, THE NETHERLANDS (June 2, 2008) - DAX Archiving Solutions, international supplier of digital archiving solutions, introduces its File and Folder Archive Software. 

DAX File & Folder Archive (FFA) Software provides a flexible platform for automating digital archive requirements and environment. Archiving can be done to LTO or to Blu-ray Disc. Its main functions are to archive data from network storage locations to a central network archive and restore archived data back to these network storage locations upon request. Archived data is quickly and permanently available to users for sharing and re-using.

“The continuous growth in data in combination with increasing compliance regulations and storage costs has turned digital archiving into a crucial business concern, says CEO of DAX Archiving Solutions, Kees Machielsen.  “With the introduction of FFA, we offer professional organizations the possibility to easily integrate archiving services into their network as it enables straightforward integration into any shared or collaborative workflow environment.”  “In addition, FFA provides the tools to completely automate these network archiving services. Both integration and automation are essential to achieve minimum user efforts, mistakes and maximum cost efficiency”.

FFA provides a bridge between the shared file storage used for all dynamic data and the actual archival storage. It separates dynamic and fixed content by creating a central network archive.

The central network archive ensures permanent availability of data and cost-efficient storage and network management.  Files and folders are archived and restored with exact credentials, enabling cross platform use (Windows/ Linux/Mac OSX) of complex filenames using any character, path-name or language.

FFA has also been utilised to develop a number of specific archiving solutions such as:
• Email: DAX Email Archive
• PrePress workflows: DAX Prepress Archive
• Healthcare/Medical imaging: DAX DICOM Archive
• Digital Video: DAX Broadcast Archive

A wide variety of archive storage solutions (LTO, Blu-ray) ensure a scalable solution for any budget and digital archiving requirement. 

View demo of File and Folder Archive Software

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