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Today tapeless workflows are gaining more and more momentum in the broadcast arena. 

Traditionally video tapes were used to record raw material and kept as an archival copy of the footage. However, as recording becomes fully digital and tapeless, archiving long term footage becomes a disruptive issue.

Clients today most often implement economically driven solutions using flash or hard disk media that requires sharing and re-use of the footage. These “stitch in time” solutions unfortunately do not provide for long term archiving on permanent media that can be scaled infinitely with the need to add metadata while searching the actual footage efficiently.

In close cooperation with Square Box Systems, DAX Archiving Solutions provides an end-to-end Broadcast Archive Solution. Effectively this provides a complete media asset management and archive solution. This powerful solution transforms a static storage environment into an environment where users can efficiently share and manage their video files/clips, providing instant on-line previews of every video clip.

The complete media asset management and archive solution supports:
● All major editing platforms: Avid, Adobe, FCP.
● A large variety of camera’s: P2, XD-Cam, Red.
● All archive media: LTO, Blu-ray, FTP/Hard disk.

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