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With only half the cost of a traditional video tape based solution, the DAX Broadcast Archive Solution provides fully automated embedded archiving and retrieval in the broadcast workflow.

  • Instant viewing of all previews.
  • Extensive (meta) search possibilities.
  • Automatic archiving to deep archive.
  • Random restore capability.
  • Half the cost of a traditional video tape-based solution, providing much more capabilities.
  • Possible integration into existing back-up infrastructure.
  • Offloads expensive on-line storage.
  • Flexible configuration set-up enables to meet wide variety of performance requirements.
  • Agnostic for specific video formats used.
  • Available for Mac and Windows.

The complete media asset management and archive solution supports:
● All major editing platforms: Avid, Adobe, FCP.
● A large variety of camera’s: P2, XD-Cam, Red.
● All archive media: LTO, Blu-ray, FTP/Hard disk.


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