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Digital technology has become an essential part of equipment in modern healthcare.  Medical imaging in X-ray diagnostics was essentially the first area where digital technologies were applied. Over the past years many new areas like visual light video and ultrasound went digital.

Today’s medical staff expects that the digitization of the hospitals infrastructure would lead to simplification and improved efficiency.

Patient studies need to be available always and from anywhere over the hospitals’ network. No one can imagine a hospital deleting or losing patient studies due to human error or capacity limitations. Even if data is no longer immediately retrievable, it should still be archived.

Many hospitals today have a PACS in place, a primary central image archive.

However, there are also many cases where different types of local archival storage systems are required that can off-load diagnostic equipment while building departmental archives.

In addition to archival requirements, many departments have the need to export imaging data to portable media.


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