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The DAX DICOM Archive is a fully scalable archive and can automatically acquire information and images from any number of image sources including image modalities, displays and workstations. It archives images in an archive built physically as a combination of hard disk and archive media like DVD, Blu-ray Disc or Digital Tape.

Information can be retrieved over the network.The DICOM 3.0 protocol facilitates a seamless fit into any hospital infrastructure.The DAX DICOM Archive is the perfect extension of any existing PACS environment or can act as a stand-alone mini-PACS archive.

Images are stored permanently on DVD, Blu-ray Disc or Digital Tape while an internal hard disk cache provides instant and easy access to the most recently archived and retrieved images.

The DAX DICOM Archive offers a broad portfolio of different solutions, facilitating optimum implementation of Information Life Cycle strategies for each modality. The entry level solutions provide long term archival storage, where data is moved off-line automatically relatively quickly.  The high end solutions provide vast amounts of on-line archival and unlimited near-line archival storage.


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