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Storage environments have the tendency to grow endlessly. Most users expect the system to preserve their data infinitely, are reluctant in deleting any data and are creating new data almost every day.

Nobody likes tedious tasks such as cleaning up storage or archiving files that are no longer used. These trends result in ever expanding storage systems containing large amounts of data, which don’t change anymore or are never even used again.

The total costs of storage (investments in equipment, support & maintenance, backup, upgrades, power, cooling, systems management) are proportional to the size and complexity of the storage systems implemented.

Hence, the constant growth is driving the costs for storage up for most organisations.

Many organisations have a natural need for archiving. Sometimes these requirements originate from legislation or compliance.

In other cases required re-use of data or efficiency drive can be the trigger for the desire to professionalize archiving by automating and integrating it into the primary business processes.


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Archive Automation

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