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  • Massive Blu-ray Disc storage capacity: 10TB-35TB per jukebox.
  • Instant and permanent access to on-line RAID and near-line BD Archive.
  • Fully automatic archiving and retrieving of data.
  • WORM (write once, read many) technology fullfills compliance regulations: BD-R.
  • Unlimited scalability: multiple Blu-ray libraries can be combined to increase storage capacity.
  • Web browser access for remote configuration & management.
  • Complete solution from a singe supplier: software, hardware & support.
  • Promising technology roadmap:100-200GB/disc =>70-140TB/jukebox.

Blu-ray technology is well on its way to replace the widely adopted DVD technology, providing a continuous growth path in optical storage technology.

It offers low-cost, write-once technology on removable and standardized media.  Thanks to it minimal power and air-conditioning consumption requirements, CO2 emission is reduced significantly. This provides an even more cost-efficient solution and contributes to a better environment.

The prolonged media life of Blu-ray Discs, 50+ years, ensures a professional and permanent archive solution. 

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