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FFA integrates seamlessly into your (existing) back-up infrastructure, offering a complete disk-to-disk-to-tape archiving and back-up solution.

FFA also provides a basic platform for the development of specific archiving solutions such as the DAX Email Archive, DAX Prepress Archive, DAX DICOM Archive and DAX Broadcast Archive.

FFA contains the following features:
• Allows users to add metadata to assets to be archived by means of file/folder/project names.
• Random searching/selecting of files/folders for retrieval by means of search engine on metadata.
• Archiving files or complete folders removing the data from the original location or backing up the current
  version of the data without removing the content from the original location.
• Possibility to leave HTML files behind, providing a browse/restore for archived files and folders. 
• Creates and keeps track of new versions automatically.
• Possibility to create and view low-res previews for images and/or video files facilitating users to browse
   and view the archived assets avoiding the need to restore.
• Enables automatic extraction of metadata from file/folder names by means of a hot folder mechanism.
• Operates independently on the file system, avoiding the need for application integration.
• Web based GUI enables remote management from any client in the network.
• Various API interfaces are possible (XML, Web-services, HTML templates), facilitating easy and flexible
  integration with other applications.
• The archive service can run on Windows/Linux/MacOSX.


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