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As resolutions are increasing, the amount of data generated is also vastly increasing. The ideal archive solution provides archiving of all image data as well as all meta data involved, as the plain image files themselves represent just a part of the experiment. 

The DAX File & Folder Archive solution for OMERO simply extends any OMERO server with an infinite archive, operating completely behind the scenes. OMERO users are able to access the archive by means of a simple and intuitive HTML interface. They can use standard web browsers and simply surf to the archive web page which lists the active projects as well as all archived projects.

Users simply invoke archive or restore commands by clicking on the right links. When a user archives a project, all metadata of the specific project is copied from the OMERO-database to the OMERO-archive-database and will not be visible anymore in the OMERO database.

All clients simply access the OMERO server. The OMERO server manages all the data as usual. Incoming data is archived using a preset policy, i.e. archiving all new datasets created after 24 hours. In order to free up space or clean the database, projects are archived by purging them from the on-line storage.

In order to restore archived projects, clients go to the web interface and invoke a restore of the project. This restores the pixel data to the original location and restores the metadata in the OMERO database. 

The archive back-end is a simple extension to the storag environment and can be created by several hardware configurations such as secondary hard disk repositories, LTO tape libraries and/or Blu-ray archive solutions. 






  • On-line hard disk archive combined with an infinite off-line archive on LTO or
    Blu-ray discs.  
  • Recently archived projects are immediately available in the hard disk archive, old projects can be restored by means of a specific procedure.


  • 40 TB near-line archive on LTO or Blu-ray discs.
  • Projects are restored fully automatically from the tape or Blu-ray library.


  • 350 TB near-line archive on LTO.
  • Fully automatic enterprise solution.



  • Budget solution, infinitely scalable


  • True automatic archive solution providing large amounts of archival space.
  • Provides a compelling price/performance at a departmental budgetary level.


  • Offers ‘unlimited’ fully automatic archive to all users.
  • Provides true enterprise level storage management with an excellent ROI.


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