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The Open Microscope Environment Remote Objects (OMERO) is a modern server and client software for visualising, managing, and annotating microscope images and metadata, and for working with experimental protocols.

The OMERO server is the component that manages the actual storage of images as well as the database containing the metadata describing the images.

The objective of this platform is to provide a central, shared storage environment for microscopy labs, enabling its users to store and share data from a large variety of different microscopes, not dedicated to specific vendor formats. 

In microscopy environments, data is generated by experiments. Hence new data, requiring new storage space, is generated each day as part of the primary business process of the lab environment.

After generation, the data is processed for analysis and at this stage, and in fact when the experiment is finished, most of the data will no longer be used.

At this point the data should be either deleted from the storage or it should be archived for future reference.


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