Company - News - DAX Medical Archive at Toyohashi Heart Centre

Haarlem, The Netherlands / September 7, 2005

Goodman, a leading Japanese medical PACS supplier, and DAX Archiving Solutions, global specialist in digital archiving solutions, have announced the implementation of their new DVD Medical Archival Solution at the internationally renowned Toyohashi Hearth Centre.

The plug-and-play smartDAX Jukebox Archive of DAX Archiving Solutions is now seamlessly integrated into the Goodnet PACS of Goodman. Together they provide a complete and reliable DICOM compliant solution for medical archiving.

Years of thorough joint development and testing have preceded the launch of this new solution which exemplifies the perfect combination of archiving on Spinning Disk and DVD Technology.

Users have immediate on-line access to the RAID Archive. Furthermore data can be written simultaneously to two non-erasable DVDs which ensure WORM (write once, read many) compliance, and a duplicate for disaster recovery purposes. One DVD remains in the near-line DVD Archive, facilitating random access to studies. Data can never be lost or tampered with.

The smartDAX – Goodnet solution represents a complete, cost-effective and future-oriented medical archive as the scalability of the smartDAX Archives stand for unlimited extendibility of archival storage space.

About Goodman
Based in Nagoya , Japan , Goodman is a leading supplier in cardiology PACS in the Japanese markets. Please contact for more information at Goodman, Mr. Manabu Shimizu, MSc, Executive Vice President/Director, IT Research and Development Division, Tel. +81(052)774-3114 or visit

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