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The DAX Prepress Archive separates the fixed content from the dynamic content. Furthermore it migrates the fixed data to a digital archive where it is readily available for future re-use.

(1) New orders are entered in the companies ERP system.

(2) A job folder will be created automatically. This job folder will contain all data relevant to the specific order during its life cycle.

(3) Whenever data from previous orders is retrieved as input for the new order, this data is put into a special part of the job folder. This data, which has been archived already, will not be archived again but will automatically be deleted when the order is finished.

(4) When the order is finished, the complete job folder will be closed and archived automatically on the smartDAX system. At this stage, metadata can be added automatically to the order.

(5) When the job folder has been archived, the original job folder is deleted from the company server, freeing up space for future re-use

Restoring archived data is extremely simple.  It can be based on order numbers or by performing a manual search on metadata. 

Using the job folder as a container for all data belonging to the order (digital artwork, font files, pictures etc.), orders are processed according to the usual procedures (editing, proofing, reviewing etc).


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