PRODUCTS - File & Folder Archive Software - Benefits

Easy to use & to implement

  • The archiving services can be completely automated.
  • Enables straightforward integration into any shared or collaborative workflow environment.

Fast & efficient;

  • Archived data is quickly available to users for sharing and re-using.
  • Files and folders are archived and restored with exact credentials, enabling cross platform use (Windows/ Linux/Mac OSX) of complex filenames using any character, path-name or language.
  • Integration between archival storage into the backup environment enables even more efficient use of existing backup infrastructure.

Infinitely scalable & affordable;

  • Automated use of archive containers enables both the most efficient use of archive media as well as the use of infinitely large file systems with any file size.
  • A wide variety of archive storage solutions ensures a scalable solution for each budget and digital archiving requirement.

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