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With DAXfs archiving software, a Digital Archive is created on your network, simply by adding a drive letter to it. This allows you to save, copy, retrieve and archive your files by means of standard drag and drop operations. It archives data to the on-line hard disk ensuring fast file access. As soon as recent on-line archived data reaches a certain size (e.g. 25/50 GB), a duplicate of this data is made on Blu-ray Disc (BD)/DVD providing permanent safety and regulatory compliance. The archive on hard disk is also of read-only nature. More advanced features such as adding meta data for searching, file spanning, automated back-up etc. are available through the optional FFA Software.

BD’s/DVDs are automatically labeled providing a physical identification of each individual disk. All data that has been archived to BD/DVD will remain available on-line to ensure immediate access to users until the maximum storage limit of the system is reached. When this occurs and new incoming data requires more space, the oldest and least accessed data is automatically purged off-line, leaving the most recent data immediately available.

Retrieval of files from the archive is easy. Only very old (purged) off-line files require the user or system manager to go back to the BD/DVD containing the archived file(s). This is still quite simple and does not interfere with the Digital Archive being used by other users. A message is generated informing the user and the system manager with the label information of the BD/DVD containing the requested files.


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