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The DAX Email Archive provides an affordable solution for migrating emails automatically from the users’ mailbox (on the server) to the Email Archive. This offloads the server, allowing it to respond quickly without the need for continuous upgrades.

The user interface remains the same whether it is an Outlook or Notes client. Email migration is rule based permitting complete automation without user interference; users don’t have to do anything.

It also utilizes “single instance store”, storing file(s) that have been sent to several users (e.g. a presentation), only once.  This permits both central access to the file and again offloading of storage requirements as it only has to be saved once.

Complete legal compliance is possible through WORM and pre-delivery archiving (archiving an email before it has been sent). Emails are stored permanently on DVD, Blu-ray Disc or Digital Tape while an internal hard disk cache provides instant and easy access to the most recently archived and retrieved emails.

The modular architecture of the DAX Email Archive enables a tailor-made solution, offering exactly the functionality that is required.

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