COMPANY - Press Release - DISC and DAX continue together

HAARLEM, THE NETHERLANDS (October 8, 2009) – DAX Archiving Solutions (DAX), and DISC GmbH, both established suppliers of digital archiving solutions, are pleased to announce the successful completion of DISC´s restructuring.

Together DAX and DISC creates one of the world's largest, most innovative and diversified digital archiving specialists. The restructuring will strengthen DISC’s ability to develop innovative solutions to exceed the demanding needs of long term archiving.

“DISC has established a reputation for innovative and highly reliable products over the last 20 years and this restructuring allows that tradition to continue”, said David Barrett-Hague Head of Sales and Marketing at DISC, “We are in a very exciting market and it is a great time to partner with DAX” he added.

DISC and DAX will continue to operate as independent sister companies belonging to a single group of companies. The production and development activities of DISC’s jukebox products will remain in Bingen, Germany. Overall the group aims to create further growth as well as consolidate its market leader position in the optical storage market.  

“DISC is complementary to the DAX Group as it shares the same vision to secure and preserve customers’ digital data” said Kees Machielsen, Managing Director of DAX.

About DAX Archiving Solutions
With headquarters in Haarlem, The Netherlands, DAX Archiving Solutions provides
plug-and-play digital archiving solutions with simple, cost-effective and WORM-compliant archival and retrieval utilities to customers worldwide.  Virtually unlimited terabytes of digital archive space are obtainable while ensuring the optimum combination of network-attached RAID and Blu-ray optical technology.

About DISC
DISC is the leading manufacturer of optical storage solutions for the long term retention of digital data. DISC has been providing innovative solutions for over 20 years and has in excess of 22,000 installations worldwide. DISC works with industry standards to deliver reliable long term archival storage solutions that provides customers confidence in the future readability of their digital data.

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