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HAARLEM , THE NETHERLANDS (May 23, 2006) - DAX Archiving Solutions, established supplier of digital archiving solutions, announces its SmartDAX Blu-ray Archive.

With the SmartDAX Blu-ray Archive, a breakthrough in archival storage capacity and access speed has been achieved. Blu-ray is a winning technology which already delivers massive disc storage capacity and has a promising technology roadmap. GB Ethernet provides high-speed file archival and retrieval capacities.

The smartDAX Blu-ray Archive is unique in its sort due to the combination of optical Blu-ray Disc Technology with the on-line part of the digital archive, a scalable to any size hard disk. This hard disk provides immediate and random access to archived data .

Furthermore, Blu-ray technology guarantees permanent copies of all archived data on standardized and non-proprietary Blu-ray Discs. Blu-ray Discs also provide a true WORM (Write Once, Read Many) medium which is essential considering today´s requirements for unalterable, non-erasable digital archives.

The included DAXfs archiving software completes the total package of hardware, software and support from one expert and reliable business partner.

Read more about the smartDAX Blu-ray Archive.

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