DAX Broadcast Archive

Optimize the use of your SAN by archiving footage that is no longer used, keeping it still available only a mouse click away.

The complete media asset management and archive solution supports:

  • All major editing platforms: Avid, Adobe, FCP.
  • A large variety of camera’s: P2, XD-Cam, Red.
  • All archive media: LTO, Blu-ray, FTP/Hard disk.

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Customers about the DAX Broadcast Archive:

Volvo Ocean Race
"The CatDV-DAX media asset management and archive solution provides us with a leading edge video workflow which also proves to be very cost-efficient".
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Parelli Natural Horsemanship
"The CatDV-DAX media asset management and archive solution provides our editors a reliable, simple and easy process for all our media."
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Archive Solution with CatDV

Do you need a way to quickly see what tapes and other media files you've got, not just at the tape or file level but down to individual scenes and shots?

Or a tool to take the drudgery out of logging, with advanced features such as automatic scene detection available at an affordable price?

Look no further than CatDV, the indispensible tool for content creators everywhere. CatDV is available for Mac and Windows, allowing you to work seamlessly across both environments. Read more